We are developing thermal management solutions to some of the most challenging heat dissipation problems in high power aircraft and spacecraft electronic systems. By using two-phase and phase-change materials, our thermal management systems can be designed to be significantly lighter, smaller and more efficient than equivalent single-phase systems.

Our Focus

Improve waste heat management Size Weight and Power (SWaP) by:

  • Collaborating on system-level analysis and design with our electronic system customers
  • Developing practical designs that use of two-phase cooling
  • Adapting advanced manufacturing methods to reduce part cost

Our Capabilities

Roccor’s thermal team has a strong fundamental understanding of the underlying physics, a commitment to using cost-effective and scalable manufacturing methods, and thorough testing and performance characterization of our products. Our capabilities include:

  • Detailed component-level models for fluid flow and heat transfer (CFD and FEA)
  • Array of standard and custom thermal performance test benches
  • Diffusion bonding and additive manufacturing

“Waste heat management has emerged as the major mission-limiting challenge for spacecraft and military electronic systems and we are passionate about providing enabling solutions.”

Dr. Mario Saldena
Senior Thermal Systems Engineer

Our Leadership in the Thermal Market

Mike Hulse

Director Thermal Programs
Do Everything Engineer/Manager

  • 15 years in early stage product development and materials R&D
  • “Jack of All Trades” with a solid engineering foundation
  • Leads the prototype engineering process in Roccor’s Thermal and Space groups
  • Most likely to be found sharing a vast expertise in Denver Bronco and CU Buff football