We provide innovation solutions to challenging spacecraft deployable structure problems. We embrace co-engineering and have found that our strongest commercial partnerships are formed where the Roccor team works in tandem with the spacecraft providers, enabling opportunity to co-engineer requirements and maximize performance.

Our Focus

Reduce space asset cost with enabling and elegant deployable structures by:

  • Implementing modern and low-cost mission architectures
  • Integrating advanced, high-strain composite material solutions
  • Incorporating state-of-the-art engineering design and analysis tools

Our Capabilities

The Roccor space group consists of more than 20 scientists, engineers and laboratory staff focusing on efforts ranging from early-stage R&D to advanced flight-qualified hardware production. The team prides itself on working cohesively with spacecraft providers to ensure the delivery of efficient, low-cost and high performing systems.

  • Experts in the analysis and deployment simulation of high strain composite materials
  • Over 100 years combined experience in design and qualification of spaceflight hardware
  • Advanced composite fabrication shop, with a daily production cycle of flight hardware
  • Hardware assembled in an on-site, 1000 sq ft, Class 10,000 cleanroom

“Our team is excited to be merging both advanced satellite architectural concepts and new material processes to dramatically simplify and reduce cost of space deployables.”

Dr. Bruce Davis
Principal Engineer, Space Products

Our Leadership in the Space Market

Bruce Davis, PhD

Principal Engineer Space Flight Programs
Master of Requirements

  • 10+ years experience within small satellite industry
  • Expert in spacecraft architectural development and structural/mechanical design
  • Space advocate, inventor, team builder and skier of double black diamonds
  • Most likely to be found with Legos in his pocket

Dana Turse

Director Space R&D Programs
Get er’ Done Technical Leader

  • 15 years R&D experience in High Strain Composites
  • Creative and effective problem solver
  • Co-inventor of several deployable boom, solar array, and antenna technologies
  • Most likely to be found riding my trusty Yamaha into the sunset on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere

Phil Keller

Director Space Flight Programs
Jack of Most Trades

  • 20+ years experience leading technical teams from concept to product commercialization
  • Expert in advanced materials design, fabrication and integration
  • Enables a calming aura within the fast-moving work environment
  • Most likely to be found asking a colleague to write this bio

Tom Murphey, PhD

Senior Technical Consultant
Fly Fisherman

  • President/Owner of Opterus Research
  • Founder of high-strain-composites research at AFRL
  • Inventor of TRAC and SIMPLE booms
  • Most likely to be found designing a better fly rod

Joanna Sanders

Project Manager
Master Oversee-er

  • 12+ years project management experience
  • Leader of cross-functional teams in medical device and aerospace product development
  • Most likely to plan visits to the office espresso machine on MS Project schedule