Small Sat

Helping Build Global Connections

The Small Sat revolution has given Roccor the means to grow a thriving business that is helping reconnect the world as one global tribe.


It’s a Small (Sat) World

What do Kevin Bacon, 1920’s Hungarian poet Frigyes Karinthy, Italian inventor Marconi, American sociologist Stanley Milgram and Walt Disney have in common? Small satellites of course!

The Small Satellite Revolution and “Rocket Science”

With everyone from startups, to non-profits and even high schools now able to play in the Small Satellite world, has “Rocket Science” become mainstream? Actually, the drive to for smaller presents even more advanced engineering challenges.

Technical Stuff

The New Space Mechanism Challenge

There is no reason the space mechanisms community cannot produce reliable products at low cost.

SmallSats - What Goes Up Must Come Down

The Story of Developing a High Strain Composite De-Orbit Sail, Faster, Smarter, Cheaper

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